Our Story

Founded in 2003, SAMKA PRODUCTIONS is one of the main independent production companies based in Paris.

Author-director turned producer, Samuel KAMINKA co-founded and manages the company. He chairs the College of Television and New Media within the Syndicat des Producteurs de Films d'Animation (SPFA).

Discover our series
More than 120 hours of youth programs have already been released by SAMKA PRODUCTIONS' studios, including the children's animation series JAMIE'S GOT TENTACULES! - seasons 1 and 2 (104x11'), MARSUPILAMI HOUBA HOUBA HOUBA HOP ! - seasons 1 and 2 (52x24'), OUR NEIGHBOURS THE MARSUPILAMIS (26x24'), ELIOT KID - seasons 1 and 2 (104x13'), INK : INVISIBLE NETWORK OF KIDS! (26x24'), THE SISTERS - season 1 (52x11') and season 2 in production (52x11') - an adaptation of the children's literary saga of the same name, which counts more than 3 million books sold and is an audience success on M6, as well as WOLF - season 1 (78x7') - an adaptation of a hit from children's publishing with more than 5.5 million copies sold worldwide and audience success on TF1.

More than ten new projets are currently in development.

Distribution of our series

Jetpack Distribution

Distributed by JETPACK, its sister company based in England, the SAMKA PRODUCTIONS series are broadcast on private and public channels worldwide, including:

Animation Studio

Unique Animation

Founded in 2016 by Samuel Kaminka, UNIQUE ANIMATION is a high-end service company specialized in the production of 2D digital animation series (character and set design, animation and special effects).