I.N.K. – 26 x 24′

I.N.K. – 26 x 24′

Kids | Comedy - Adventure

I.N.K. – 26 x 24′

The story takes place in Pinkerton, a quiet little school. Everything there would be amazing if it weren't for Saddy MacBeth, probably the worst teacher in the world, who absolutely wants to turn Pinkerton into a school where the students would all be obedient and where she would be free to punish them as much as she likes!
Being as mean as she is stupid, she will do everything to achieve her goals: completely twisted plans and crazy machines, that's Mrs. Macbeth's daily life! But fortunately, she has a worthy opponent: "I.N.K", a group formed by five children: Wine, Zero, Trixie, Newton, and Jordan, whose purpose is to interfere with MacBeth's plans.

Director(s) : Prakash TOPSY - Frédérick CHAILLOU

Year of production : 2010

Language(s) : French - English



Screening Room - I.N.K. – 26 x 24′

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