Wolf (Season 1) – 78 x 7′

Wolf (Season 1) – 78 x 7′

Upper Preschool | Comedy

Wolf (Season 1) – 78 x 7′

Adapted from the successful saga created by Orianne LALLEMAND and Eléonore THUILLIER. Nearly 8 million books sold in 25 countries and translated into 40 languages!

Wolf is an imaginative hero who always has a solution to make the life of his meadow or his friends more beautiful... and if it has to turn a simple day into a great adventure, then so much the better!
He is friendly, endearing and always ready for adventure. He wants to try everything and anything; to become an artist, to be the first wolf to canoe down the river, to dye his fur green, etc. Wolf has a new idea every minute!

Director(s) : Paul LELUC and Wassim BOUTALEB

Year of production : 2018

Language(s) : French - English - Italian - Spanish - German - Portuguese - Dutch

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