Animation | 78 x 7′

Once upon a time… The Objects!

Comedy | kids | 78 x 7′

In co-production with Procidis, the historic producer of the 7 “Once upon a time…” cartoon series created by Albert Barillé, Maestro is back in a new series after more than 40 years of broadcasting in over 100 countries!

This time, he takes us on a journey of discovery of the objects that accompany children in their daily lives. Behind every object there are exciting stories to be told… Maestro will reveal them to us while we’re having fun! Behind a pair of glasses, an eraser or a bicycle, there’s ten thousand years of history, anecdotes, science and design! Each object is an opportunity to explore different fields of knowledge (History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy), to discover how they have played a role in the History of Mankind and shaped the world we live in… and the world we’ll live in tomorrow!

Every object we see around us is the fruit of a long process, harboring a rich history of knowledge and human adventure. Discovering that there’s a thousand years of history behind a simple spoon is both amusing and surprising!

  • Director(s) : Luc Vinciguerra
  • Production year: 2023
  • Language(s) : French

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